• Number:PBW-SI
  • Viable Content: Min 1.0x10^9cfu/g ~ Max 3.0x10^9cfu/g
  • Shelf life: Room temperature preservation, 12 months
  • Packaging: 1 kg/pack or 5 kg/pack
  • Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
  • Storage: Sealed, dry and ventilated place away from light
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SILAGE INOCULANT PBW-SI is a concentrated active lactobacilli mixture containing enzyme and nutrients designed to enhance lactic acid fermentation and improve silage quality and livestock’s productivity. Total live probiotic bacteria is more than 100 Billion CFU/kg. It is a unique silage inoculant formulated with a blend of bacteria and cellulytic enzymes. These work together to optimize the fermentation and preservation of the forage, leading to a silage which is as close as possible in nature to the original crop ensiled. Besides, it could restrain the growth of other microbes and eggs, improving the nutritional value and utilization. You can use it on grass, legume, maize/corn, whole crop and high dry matter crops. It can be preserved in room temperature while keep high fermentation activity.

Health Benefits and effectiveness

1) Improves efficiency of silage fermentation to prevent from spoilage silage and loss of nutrients;
2) Materials in the feed like fibre can be resolved into small molecules that can be easily absorbed;
3) Increases animal’s appetite and productivity;
4) Improves gastrointestinal micro-ecology and immunity.


It is applicable to all the materials that are suitable for forage inoculants, including grass, legume, maize/corn, whole crop, high dry matter crops, etc.


1) 100g for 30-50 ton silage;
2) Do not use antibiotic products simultaneously
. Increase the amount step by step.

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