Lactobacillus spp.

  • Lactobacillus casei
Lactobacillus casei

Lactobacillus casei

  • Number:PB-LC39
  • Viable Content: Min 1.0x10^9cfu/g ~ Max 30.0x10^10cfu/g
  • Shelf life: 18 months for bulk strain in -18℃ storage
  • Packaging: 25 kg/bag or drum
  • Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
  • Storage: at well closed condition, suggested under -18℃ for longtime storage, 2-8℃ in cooling storage for short turn storage process.
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Lactobacillus casei is a type of bacteria that's found naturally in the human gut, as well as in fermented foods such as yogurt. Lactobacillus caseiis what's known as a "probiotic" bacteria, one that has a positive effect on human health.

Benefits of Lactobacillus casei

1)Increases body weight
2)Enhances gastrointestinal health by balancing gut microflora
3)Provides vitamins and enzymes
4)Increases Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
5)Enhances Immunity


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