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  • Clostridium butyricum
Clostridium butyricum

Clostridium butyricum

  • Number:PB-CB08
  • Viable Content: Min 1.0x10^9cfu/g ~ Max 10.0x10^10cfu/g
  • Shelf life: Room temperature preservation, 24 months
  • Packaging: 25 kg/bag or drum
  • Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
  • Storage: at well closed condition, suggested under -18℃ for longtime storage, 2-8℃ in cooling storage for short turn storage process.
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Clostridium butyricum is a strictly anaerobic endospore-forming Gram-positive acid producing bacillus subsisting by means of fermentation. It is uncommonly reported as a human pathogen and is widely used as a probiotic in AsiaC. butyricum is a soil inhabitant in various parts of the world, has been cultured from the stool of healthy children and adults, and is common in soured milk and cheeses.

Benifits of Clostridium butyricum

1)Effectively improve pig’s growth performance, regulate intestinal flora, decrease the occurrence of diarrhea;
2)Improve the growth performance of broiler, inhibit the proliferation of clostridium perfringens, decrease the occurrence of necrotizing enteriti;
3)Improve layer’s production performance, elevate laying rate ,elevate egg weight and extend;
4)Elevate the utilization efficiency of feedstuff, and improve the environment of pigfarm.


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