Bacillus Spp.

  • Bacillus subtilis
Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis

  • Number:PB-BS107
  • Viable Content: Min 1.0x10^9cfu/g ~ Max 100.0x10^10cfu/g
  • Shelf life: Room temperature preservation, 24 months
  • Packaging: 25 kg/bag or drum
  • Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder
  • Storage: Sealed, dry and ventilated place away from light
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Bacillus subtilis, is a Gram-positive, catalase-positive bacterium. A member of the genus Bacillus, B. subtilis is rod-shaped, and has the ability to form a tough, protective endospore, allowing the organism to tolerate extreme environmental conditions and processing conditions.

Benefits of Bacillus subtilis

1)Maintain microbial balance in animal intestines and stomach
2)Decreases numbers of disease causing organisms.
3)Improve Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
4)Enhance Immunity
5)Help in Improving weight
6)Reduces Mortality

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